About Paul Russell (bio)

About Paul Russell (bio)

Paul has had a good “first” career as a software developer and has also been working for our community for years.

His “first” career was working as a software developer, both as an employee of others and as his own company. He has worked on small systems and large, for startups and for mature organizations, for private companies and for public organizations, and from 2014 to 2019 he was building web sites for fortune 500 companies. He enjoyed that career, but his passion was helping his community.

Paul joined the Sackville Community Development Association and, in 2010, became president of that organization. Paul brought forth a number of changes and additions to what the SCDA does. During this time he has managed all of the parades in Sackville, for both Canada Day and Snow Days, from 2011 to 2019.

Paul also joined the Sackville Cobequid PC Association in 2010, Paul has kept his finger on the pulse of what is happening politically, municipally, provincially, and federally. Through that time organization made great strides forward, and this prepared it for electing the first PC MLA for Lower Sackville in 34 years.

Paul has a demonstrated history of working for our community, which is why he was chosen as the Volunteer Of The Year for Sackville in 2017.

This all help Paul be recognized by the community and led to him winning the election for Councillor, for Lower Sackville, in October 2019. Paul’s “second” career combines his professional work with his community work. He is thrilled to have, as his career, a job where he can make our community an even better place to live.