Why Nominate Paul Russell?

Why Nominate Paul Russell

Paul is committed to making Canada a better place to live, and to bringing the voice of Sackville Preston Chezzetcook back to Ottawa.

We have seen many changes over the past few years. We have higher taxes and higher interest rates. We have the promise of a new Carbon Tax, which will do nothing to help the economy or the environment. We have talked to our MP about it, and we have not seen anything improve.

It’s time for us to be heard. It’s time for our voices to make a difference in what is happening in Ottawa.

I want to

  • eliminate the Carbon Tax
  • ensure that we benefit, in a responsible way, from our natural resources
  • reduce the unfair benefits that we see from special interest groups
  • restore our fisheries, so that we don’t have farmed salmon as the only option
  • eliminate our deficit, and reduce our debt
  • pay our federal civil servants, instead of see them lose their homes because they can’t be paid
  • improve our defence capabilities.

We have seen too many things go adrift with this government. It’s time for a change.

I’ve been successful at helping our community move forward, in a sensible and measured manner, and I can do the same in Ottawa.

Please join me, and let’s work together to win the nomination for Sackville Preston Chezzetcook.