I talked briefly about the First Lake water quality in my e-newsletter of July 18. That article is here, and you can click on the image to see a more complete view of where I have asked the lake to be tested:

First Lake is one of the gems of Lower Sackville. Due to construction, and the unchecked silt flowing in to it 40 years ago, it had suffered greatly. It had been an aerial landmark because it was an orange lake.

Thanks to a lot of work by groups, like the Sackville Rivers Association and the Friends of First Lake, we have all been made more aware of the importance of the environment. The lake is in far better shape, and for quite some time we have now been enjoying the lake and the beach. Almost.

There has been an ongoing bacteria issue with the lake at Kinsmen Beach. This is what prompted the construction of the Kinsmen splash pad. The beach went from being a supervised and tested beach, to just being tested, and this year no testing was done. We are moving backwards, and I started addressing this as soon as I was elected.

I’ve been working with HRM staff to get First Lake tested in the areas that are pinpointed above. These locations are a) where the storm drains flow in by Glendale, b) by the Sackville Sports Stadium, c) by Kinsmen Beach, d) by the Sack-a-wa canoe club, and e) where the water exits the lake at Sucker Brook.

The past tests at the beach measured the bacteria levels. The tests that I’ve been asking for also identify the biological markers (human, waterfowl, pet, or deer) and mineral markers (predominantly phosphate) so that we can better identify what the source of the problem is, and then work to fix it.

We should be seeing more about this in the next few months.

Since that post there was a lot of attention brought to the lake not being tested.

There is another (non HRM) web site reporting that HRM is testing the lake. I tried to contact them a couple of weeks ago, and again last week, and they have not responded. They are reporting incorrect information.

Please do not go in first lake at Kinsmen Beach.

I will provide further updates as they become available.