Updated: 15-Oct-2023Lower Sackville has a housing shortage. At this point we have about a 0% vacancy rate. One of the solutions for this is to build more places for people to live, and that’s exactly what’s happening in Lower Sackville. I talk more about this here: http://www.paulrussell.ca/housing/

I have put this post together in response to numerous questions. I intend to keep this post updated the significant developments that I know of. Once a development has been completed I plan to remove it from this list. This list is a secondary source of information and may be out of date. You should use the HRM web page (here) as the main source of information.

The development that has captured the most attention recently is 70-80 First Lake Drive. The HRM web site for this is here: https://www.halifax.ca/business/planning-development/applications/case-24508-70-80-first-lake-drive-lower-sackville This development is split in to two parts. The first is at the site above and is for two 6 storey buildings. The second part is contained within the Suburban Plan and is now for a 20 storey and an 11 storey building. You can find the suburban plan report here: https://www.shapeyourcityhalifax.ca/regional-plan/survey_tools/suburban-plan

The full list is here: