November 11 – Remembrance Day in Canada – is a solemn day for all Canadians. We remember and we thank those who helped make, and who help keep, this a free country. We do not glorify war, and in fact I abhor war, but we do thank those who fought for the freedoms that we now enjoy.

We have to do more to take care of those who fought for us and who continue to strengthen our borders.

The Liberal government has demonstrated that it doesn’t understand the importance of keeping strong borders.

They have given VA benefits, that should be based on the actions or circumstances of our veterans, to a convicted killer whose actions had nothing to do with the service of a veteran.

They have allowed confirmed ISIS fighters back in to our country and have no means to track their activities or to ensure that they are brought to justice for their involvement in terrorism. Read More

Trudeau has said that he is fighting veterans in court because “they are asking for more than we can give” Watch Trudeau town hall

We need a government that recognizes and values our veterans. We need to honour our NATO commitments. Read More

I have not served in the military (I did enjoy my time as a sea cadet) but many of my family members and friends did. I know of the sacrifices that they made. I have heard some of the stories about the wars.

Protecting it’s citizens is one of the main functions of a national government, and this means that we need strong borders. The Liberal government is failing us miserably.

I will speak up for the military and for veterans. I will speak up for strengthening our military and our borders.