The splash pad at Kinsmen Park on First Lake Drive is one of the biggest attractions around. This is understandable because it’s fun, cools you off, is easy to get to, and is in the pictureson the shore of the lake. This helps explain why it is the busiest splash pad in HRM. Although we don’t formally count the numbers, our staff have often seen 100 or more kids there through the day, especially on very nice days.

I’ve recently received a number of questions about the splash pad, and so wanted to provide an update.

The Sackville splash pad was designed differently than the other splash pads in HRM and requires more expertise to run, and is more expensive to run than the other splash pads.

The virus shut things down, and this includes the splash pad. When things were re-opened and we could start to use the splash pad, we weren’t able to hire or contract individuals to take care of the splash pad. The personnel were simply not available.

For now the hours will need to remain as 11am to 6pm, which coincides with the hours that the lake is open. It is unlikely that this will change before the end of the splash pad season.

You can find more information about this at