Water Park RenderingOn Tuesday, April 27, a new video appeared on Facebook that talked about a water park coming to First Lake.

Splashifax (https://splashifax.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/Splashifax) is working to set up a water park on the shores of First Lake, by the Sackville Arena. We would be able to park in the Sackville Arena parking lot and head behind the Arena to get to the entrance.

Everyone has been wondering about the water park. This includes many community members, and also includes community groups like the Friends of First Lake. We’ve been wondering things like: where will the park be, how big is the park, how much is admission, when will it be open, how safe is it, what about water quality and boating, and much more. I’ve been collecting the questions and have been sending them to Splashifax.

On Tuesday, May 11, two weeks after the web site went live, I hosted a public information meeting. This was to allow us to get more information from Splashifax in one shot, and to get many of our questions answered. The information that was included in the presentation and that was provided at the meeting all came from Splashifax.

On Tuesday, Jun 8, six weeks after Splashifax announced that they were opening on First Lake, I filed a petition with the Clerks office and read the following at Regional Council:

On April 27, Splashifax announced that they would be opening on First Lake on June 15.
With that the community became both engaged and enraged.
After a long year and a half of COVID, hundreds wanted to see something new and fun, outdoors, on the lake, for kids to do. Hundreds of others were concerned about the environment and all sorts of other aspects of the park.
Today, six weeks after the park was announced, I would like to present a petition that has 567 signatures that speaks against having Splashifax on First Lake.
Over 50% are from the greater Sackville area, and another 30% are from the rest of HRM.
The text of the petition is:
Due to community concerns including; public safety, increased traffic, aesthetics, environmental concerns and lack of planning we are asking you to sign this petition to stop splashifax from setting up on First Lake.
Splashifax announced, last week, that they were looking at Lake Echo and were no longer looking at First Lake.
Although the water park will not be set up in First Lake, we do hope that all of the planning and permits will be in place before it opens.
Mr Mayor, this petition against the Splashifax, and the 567 signatures, has been provided to the Clerks office.

Following that, I haven’t heard from Splashifax.

On Wednesday, July 7, Splashifax announced that they were opening on Second Lake, in Hammonds Plains, on July 16. They say that they now have permits in place and they have now announced the cost of $40 for 90 minutes of time on the water park.

You can download the presentation and watch the video by expanding the items below.

I have also received a number of questions and have grouped them in to the items below. This information has come mainly from the meeting and other correspondence with Splashifax, but it has also come from other places. As I find out new or updated information I will keep this updated.

Water Park Location, Layout, and Size

Customer Experience

What about safety and security?

What about COVID and cleaning?

Environmental Concerns

Regulatory Information – Is this a done deal?

All Other Information

If you have any questions that aren’t listed here then please get in touch with me at paul.russell@halifax.ca